Grass & Aliens

“It’s happening now, man! We’re turning into aliens, and that’s insanely awesome!”

A long time ago, in a galaxy… Wait. No.

Around two years ago, I started writing (trying to write) short fiction. Some of the stronger pieces I’ve begun sending to literary magazines. However, the others belong on Medium and this blog.

“Grass & Aliens” is a conversation I’ve listened to in various forms about a million times. It’s not about facts; it’s all about perception. What do you believe? Because, in the end, that’s all that really matters.

Fun fact (if you are into facts): The end actually happened to a friend of mine while I stood by helplessly. Read my fictionalization here.

“Five-Alarm Fire” is something I’m slowly building out of the scraps of my finished, polished, infamous novel. I would love to say I’ll have weekly installments, but that’s not happening. When I do update the story, I’ll make a new post. “Episode 1: “The Mayor” is on Medium now. Check it out, or wait for all six installments to read a mini novella.

Fun fact (if you are into facts): The main character from my novel, “Wait & Hope,” appears in this story.

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