Cheating Death

A long time ago, way before the days of pens and paper, way before anything we know, there was Gilgamesh and he wanted to live forever. Just like us. An even longer time ago (just kidding), I wrote about him. CLICK HERE to read my article “Cheating Death from the Beginning: On The Epic ofContinue reading “Cheating Death”

On “The Misconception of Machiavelli”

Niccolo Machiavelli, the snarky-looking Italian Renaissance philosopher, was a pretty twisted guy, right? I mean, the term “Machiavellian” has become synonymous with manipulation and immorality. In school, you probably read his treatise, The Prince, and thought to yourself, “damn, this guy is evil.” He thinks it’s better to be feared than loved. He suggests committingContinue reading “On “The Misconception of Machiavelli””


It would seem my story ends here, except you don’t drop dead when you haven’t got anything left to do. You keep on living, purpose or no purpose, dream or no dream, happy or full of disappointment, you live.

“It just lingers on your palate like an ashtray,” The 2020 Napa Valley Wildfires.

As President Trump oh so eloquently noted during the first debate: every year, he gets the call “California’s on fire. ” However, like all things that have happened in 2020, this year’s wildfires mark the worst in West Coast history. The brazen flames did not even spare the Napa Valley region’s wine, and what’s a second wave ofContinue reading ““It just lingers on your palate like an ashtray,” The 2020 Napa Valley Wildfires.”

The Bad Witch

This picture is over ten years old. I looked a lot better then. Before debauchery had its way with my face, I appeared (almost) friendly. A twisted nature always hid inside of me, though. It comes out in photographs, or at least, I think it does. When I was two years old, I decided toContinue reading “The Bad Witch”

Alicia Basilic(a)

I spent years working in restaurants while writing a novel, never thinking about what would happen once I finished it. A vague idea of instant fame crossed my mind. I thought I’d send my 90k word manuscript into the black hole of the publishing industry; someone would read it, fall in love with it, andContinue reading “Alicia Basilic(a)”